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Somersett Community-Wide Garage Sale is Saturday!

The final Somersett Community-Wide Garage Sale of 2022 is Saturday (Oct. 1) starting at 7 am! Want to shop for bargains? Here's a link to the digital map of participating homes.



Seeing stars

When was the last time you spent time gazing at the night sky? Peering at the vast universe above us inspires a sense of wonder and awe. It reminds us that, in the words of Carl Sagan, “the Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.’’
On Friday, members of the Astronomical Society of Nevada set up their high-powered telescopes on the teebox of Hole 1 and gave a group of appreciative Somersett residents a peek at some of the wonders that lie beyond what our eyes can see.



Fitness Center project begins
The Fitness Center and Aerobics Studio are poised to get an upgrade, which will transform the Aerobics Studio into a Free-Weight Room with new flooring and equipment. The Fitness Center will add a new Aviron Interactive Rower (similar to this) and two new Capti Interactive Bikes (similar to this), along with the TRX Training System that is currently in the Aerobics Room. Work on the project begins next Thursday (Sept. 22).