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Advertising on SOA Website

Thank you for your interest in advertising on the SOA website! We hope everyone in Somersett (and beyond!) will be interested in your product or service! That's currently over 3,000 homes and over 5,000 residents! But even non-registered visitors to the SOA website are able to see your ad too!

Here's what you receive:
  • A LISTING in the website Advertisers Directory!
  • A LINK to your website (or Facebook page, etc!)
  • A PHOTO or IMAGE displayed in a slide show on the website Home Page!
  • Periodic OPPORTUNITIES to offer specials or discounts through the website!
We're not taking sign-ups yet, and you are not obligated. But in the form below, please give us your contact information and tell us a bit about you/your company. 

The cost of the advertising is $400 for a full year for Somersett residents and $500 for a full year for non-residents. (The SOA reserves the right to screen all information for suitability, and reserves the right to reject any advertising which in its opinion is unsuitable for the Somersett audience.)

Fill in the information below, and we'll be in touch! (Remember to hit SUBMIT when you're done!)