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Artificial Turf Survey results

By Mark Capalongan, SOA Board President
Thank you to the over 400 members who participated in the survey on artificial turf. I acknowledge that an unbiased and statistically representative sample of the community is difficult but as this is a critical issue your input and opinion are crucial. Therefore, we ask you and then we listen.

Interestingly the responses were quite polarized. Perhaps not surprising because those who have an impassionate interest tend not to participate. Nevertheless, the results were useful. Those in favor of artificial turf were 45.6% those against were 45% (nearly identical) with the balance being for or against based on certain conditions. When questions were asked about if artificial turf should be allowed in front yards under tight controls and specifications the answers ran 60% in favor.

Individual comments and suggestions were also quite useful, and many people offered specific suggestions and referenced public domain materials on the use and effect of using artificial grass (case studies).

The Board will be considering this further at the Apri Board meeting. The goal is to create a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing environment that protects property values first. Second to that will be the consideration of other items such as water savings and environmental aspects. If there is a change, it will need to be managed, specified, maintained, and controlled. It must look good because cheapening the look of Somersett is not an option.

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