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Club Access Cards

In order to preserve Club access for Somersett residents, the SOA is in the process of auditing our resident database to ensure that we have accurate information. We discovered that over the years more and more nonresidents had figured out how to access the Club. This audit should put a stop to most or all unauthorized users. 

This audit is a monumental task for staff and an inconvenience for residents who are being asked to fill out new Homeowner Information forms. However, the Board believes it is essential going forward to create a clean database of Somersett residents so that our amenities are used solely by those who pay for them through assessments.  

Please be patient and civil to staff when they ask you to provide information or documents. They are working at the Board’s direction to preserve the Club and its amenities for your use. 

How do I get an access card? 

Stop at the front desk and fill out the waiver. You will be given a card or information about the app for a smartphone and access will be granted once we confirm your residency. 


FAQs about the audit 

Why do I have to fill out another Homeowner’s Information Form? 

Much of the information we had about homeowners unfortunately was lost during the transition to self-management. By filling out a new form, we are sure we have updated and accurate information about you and those who reside in your home. Thank you for your patience! 

What about renters? 

We will provide access to renters once we have a current lease on file and an Assignment of Rights form filled out by the owner of the home. 

Do I need one of the new key cards to access the Club? 

As of right now, you only need a card (or app on your smartphone) to enter the Club before 7 am or after 7 pm. You will also need a card to access the Fitness Center and Aerobics Room since those doors will soon be locked at all times.  

Can my child get an access card? 

A parent or guardian must fill out a waiver and talk to the Community Manager before we will issue cards to minors ages 14-17. We will not issue cards to children under age 14.