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Club Access Cards

If you don’t yet have an access card, be sure to stop by the front desk at the Club, fill out an application form, and get a key fob, key card, OR access via the Verkada Pass app on your smartphone (your choice). The security access cards are working well for the over 1,000 residents who have signed up, which allows access to the Club seven days a week when the doors are locked.

If you don’t have an access card, the front doors will be open for check-in:

  • Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Most weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm

Getting the App:
1. Download the Verkada Pass app on your smartphone (it's free!). We'll send you an activation link once you sign up with the access application.
2. Once downloaded, open your phone’s settings, and click on the Pass app. Make sure the location is set to “ALWAYS” and that your Bluetooth is turned ON. This is required for your app to work.
3. Open the app and select “Use Password” and then “Forgot Password.” Enter your email address. Note: use the same email address you used on your access application form.
4. Check your email. You’ll receive a “Password Reset” email from Verkada. Simply click the link and create a password. Accept ALL notifications and alerts!
5. Start using the app! Just sign in with your email and password.


What about renters? 

We will provide access cards to renters once we have a current lease on file and an Assignment of Rights form filled out by the owner of the home. 

Do I need one key card to access the Club? 

You only need a card (or app on your smartphone) to enter the Club when the doors are locked. The same card also unlocks the Tennis Court and Lap Pool gates. Please note: You still need to reserve a time for lap swim and tennis/pickleball courts via Zen Planner.

Can my child get an access card? 

A parent or guardian must fill out a waiver and talk to the Community Manager before we issue cards to minors ages 14-17. We will not give cards to children under the age of 14.