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Holiday Caravan 2021

About 30 vehicles including an ambulance and a fire truck from Reno Fire formed a happy Holiday Caravan on Sunday, Dec. 19, to see highlights of the holiday lights in Somersett. Residents along the route came out and waved - a few of them even donned holiday costumes to the Caravan's delight. 

When the Caravan returned to the Club, participants enjoyed cookies and beverages and event sponsors Stephanie Hanna and Brett Charbonneau announced the winners in the Neighborhood of Lights contest:
  • Best Classic Decorations: 8130 Deerbrook Court
  • Griswold: 8215 Antler Pointe Court
  • Young People's Choice: 8395 Desert Candle Court
  • Best Street: Deerbrook Court
  • The winner of the Just Decorating drawing is 1650 Heavenly View Trail
Congratulations to all our winners, and a very happy holiday to all Somersett residents!

And special thanks to the Reno Fire Department and all the firefighting team first for ALL that you do to keep our community safe and second for participating in the Somersett Holiday Caravan! Your team made an epic memory for all involved.