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Homeowner Fire Risk Reduction Log

Somersett Owners Association is working to be recognized as a Firewise USA® site. As part of that process, we are asking homeowners to log time and money spent this year (2022) reducing fire danger on their property and home. We will compile your responses and submit them to Firewise as part of our reporting efforts.

Here are a few examples of fire risk reduction:

On your property: Clearing of debris at the base of combustible fences, delimbing and removal of lower tree branches, raking and removal of pine needles, leaves, and ground debris, installation of hardscaping, tree and shrub removal.

On your home:  Removal of debris on the roof and in the gutters as needed, removal all flammable materials from under decks and porches, Removal of debris between deck board gaps/joints, repairing or replacing mesh screening in attic and crawl spaces.

Thank you in advance for your help!