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New gate access system

The new gate access system for Mountain Crest went live on Dec. 1. Other gates will follow as the weather allows.  Check this page for updates.

Somersett Owners Association is in the process of replacing the aging, outdated access system at community gates with a new, cloud-based system and high-resolution cameras. The project is fully funded by the Streets and Gates Reserves. The same system, Verkada, is currently in use at the Club at Town Center. Please note: This does not apply to residents of The Village and The Vue, whose gates are managed by their respective sub-associations.

Advantages of the new system include:

  • EASY TO USE: If you have a Verkada Pass app, a key fob, or an access card that opens the Club doors, these devices will open your community gates once the new system is in place.
  • SHARPER IMAGES: The high-resolution cameras will provide a huge improvement in the quality of the video captured.
  • SECURITY BOOST: We are replacing the old four-digit gate codes with new, randomly assigned five-digit codes. Adding another digit makes the codes difficult to guess.
  • MORE RELIABLE: The cloud-based system is wi-fi compatible and eliminates the unreliable landlines and technology of the old system.

What you need to do:

#1 - GET ACCESS: If you haven’t done so already, download this electronic access application, fill it out and email it to [email protected]. Or you are welcome to stop by the front desk and fill out the form. 
Option 1: Use the App:
1. Download the Verkada Pass app (it's free!) We'll send you an activation link once you sign up with the access application.
2. Once downloaded, open your phone’s settings, and click on the Pass app. Make sure the location is set to “ALWAYS” and that your Bluetooth is turned ON. This is required for your app to work.
3. Open the app and select “Use Password” and then “Forgot Password.” Enter your email address. Note: use the same email address you used on your electronic access application form.
4. Check your email. You’ll receive a “Password Reset” email from Verkada. Simply click the link and create a password. Accept ALL notifications and alerts!
5. Start using the app! Just sign in with your email and password.

Option 2: Use the TCTC Key Card or Key Fob:
1. Obtain a key card or key fob from the front desk after you sign the electronic access application form (if you already have a TCTC after-hours key card or key fob, you'll use the same one). If you don't have a TCTC Key Card or Key Fob, get one now.
Note: You must touch the gate control screen with your fob or card in order for the gate to open.

By doing this now, even if your community gates do not yet have the new access system, you will be ready when the new system goes live in the coming months. 

A visual guide to the new gate access system (produced by the Communications Committee)

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 775-787-4500, ext. 328.

Frequently asked questions: