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Payment Options

Assessments are due on the 1st of each month, with late fees assessed after the 30th of each month.

ACH Authorization Form

We offer several options for paying assessments and you may use whichever is most convenient for you. Please include your Somersett address and/or your account number with payment.
  1. You can pay via online banking through your bank. Checks should be sent to:
    Somersett Owners Assn
    PO Box 98263
    Phoenix, AZ 85038-0263
  2. You may pay via check mailed to the address above or mail or drop off a check to The Club at Town Center.
  3. You may set up an ACH payment where the amount you owe is automatically deducted from your bank account on the 10-12th of each month. ACH FORM
  4. You may pay via echeck/ecard on Somersett's accounting website ( There is a small fee for paying this way. The management ID is 7442 and the Association ID is SOA.
  5. Finally, we now offer ClickPay as an option. Sign up here: