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It's official! Somersett is a Firewise community

This is excerpted from the weekly Board Message by Board President Mark Capalongan:

Somersett has achieved accreditation as a Firewise USA site, thanks to the leadership and dedication of homeowner Kevin McCarthy. Also instrumental were the efforts of Wilderness Forestry, Reliance Landscaping, and individual homeowners who expended time and money to improve the defensible space around their homes. Thank you all. Credit also goes to Tray Palmer (Fire Marshal, Reno Fire Department) who provided green waste dumpsters and a public education presence during Earth Day weekend and to Kelli Nevills (Nevada Division of Forestry) who was essential to our completing the application successfully.

Our Firewise accreditation is valid through the end of 2023 and certifies to insurers and agencies that Somersett is committed and is taking active steps to improve fire safety and education in our community. Congratulations Somersett! Ours efforts to make this a safer community continue.

Create defensible space

Related to this, at the last meeting (on July 27) the Board approved a resolution allowing homeowners to clear sections of common area adjacent to their property. It’s a simple and cost-free application that will provide permission for you to work on reducing fuels behind or next to your property. (Here are links to the Defensible Space Resolution as well as the Defensible Space Request Form which must be filled out prior to starting the work.)


Air Quality Policy reminder

Management reserves the right to close the pools at any time due to poor air quality. If the air quality index reaches 170 or higher (we use, the pools will be closed due to the health and safety of residents and staff. 


Please support our local sponsors

These businesses pay an annual fee to our Association, helping to defray the cost of this website and technology improvements. While the Association does not officially endorse them, we hope that if you are in need of some of these services or products, you will give them sincere consideration. 
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