Where do I obtain resale documents?
Somersett Owners Association (SOA) uses HomeWise Help Desk: 866-925-5004
Note: If the home you are requesting docs for is in a Somersett sub-association, you will need two sets of documents, one for the master association and the other for the sub-association.
What are the fees paid to the Association at the time of sale?
1. New home set-up fee: $330
2. Capital contribution fee:
  • New sales: $1000
  • Resales: .01% of sales price
What happens to sellers' account balances and ACH payments?
  • Balances due or credits will be addressed through escrow.
  • If the seller has an ACH through Somersett, it will be halted when the Association sets up the new account (usually about 2 weeks after sale when we receive the title from Washoe County).
  • Sellers should remember to turn off any automatic payments to the SOA, such as online banking or ClickPay.
Will the Association reach out to new owners?
Once we receive the new title from Washoe County (about two to three weeks after closing) we set up the new owners' account and send them a Welcome Packet full of information about how to gain access to the Club at Town Center, sign up for enewsletters, and everything they need to know to get settled in their new community. 
How are new gate codes handled?
For new owners who live behind one of our community gates, their new gate codes are included in the Welcome Packets, see above. Since packets are sent a few weeks after the sale, we recommend that prior owners share their gate codes with the new owners to use until they receive their new codes. 
When does a new owner gain access to the Club at Town Center?
Once we receive the new title from Washoe County and we set up the account, a new owner can obtain a Club access card, fob, or Pass app (owner's choice). This takes about two to three weeks after the sale. Information on how to do this is included in the Welcome Packet.
Can real-estate agents give potential buyers a tour of the Club at Town Center?
Yes, but you must receive permission beforehand from Resort Manager Hunter Edgar. Reach him at or 775-571-8767.
Do you have photos that real-estate agents can use to promote Somersett?
Yes, find downloadable photos here: